How Regular Dental Care in Webster Can Help Improve Your Overall Health

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Blog Posts

How Regular Dental Care in Webster Can Help Improve Your Overall Health

Most people understand how taking care of their teeth impacts their oral health. Children learn in school about plaque, gingivitis, cavities, and all the consequences of not brushing and flossing regularly. What isn’t necessarily common knowledge, however, is how oral health can have a significant impact on overall health in the rest of the body. That’s why Empire Dental Care in Webster is dedicated to helping you keep your teeth clean and your body healthy.

How Can Oral Health Affect the Rest of the Body?

Under ideal conditions, a well-cared-for mouth maintains a healthy balance of bacteria, both good and bad. Saliva cleans away food debris and combats the acids produced by certain bacteria. Meanwhile, brushing and flossing every day keeps bacterial colonies under control. [1]

When this balance gets thrown off, either from insufficient brushing and flossing or from reduced saliva flow, the harmful bacteria can start to cause problems. [1]

The Mayo Clinic lists several conditions that may be caused or exacerbated by poor oral health: [1]

  • Endocarditis, or an infection of the inner heart lining, may occur when bacteria from the mouth travel through the bloodstream and reach the heart.
  • Cardiovascular disease, including clogged arteries and strokes, may be linked to inflammation from oral bacteria.
  • Pregnant women with periodontitis may have a higher risk of premature birth or low-birth-weight babies.
  • If bacteria travel from the mouth into the lungs, it may result in pneumonia.

Interestingly, some conditions may actually be the cause of poor oral health, to begin with. This, in turn, can start a negative cycle that can lead to the above list of diseases.

Dental Care in Webster If You Have a Medical Condition

Speak with our dentist if you have any of the following conditions that could negatively impact your teeth and gums and potentially lead to future complications: [1]

  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Osteoporosis
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Eating disorder
  • Any disorders or medications that cause dry mouth and lower the production of saliva

How Can Regular Dental Care Help Prevent Diseases?

If poor oral care is the cause of health problems, then the best prevention is to practice good oral hygiene and maintain regular dental care appointments. Brushing and flossing twice a day are the best things you can do at home to maintain a healthy mouth.

Attending regular cleanings and checkups with a dentist can help you keep plaque buildup to a minimum and spot any potential problems before they become severe. Remember that dentists complete extensive training to recognize each symptom and pick up on clues that could suggest trouble in the future.

Regular dental care is essential for everyone, but especially so for anyone with the conditions listed in the above section. If you already struggle with one or more of those issues, make sure to stay on top of your scheduled dental appointments. You may be able to mitigate or reduce some of the health risks and discomfort by practicing a careful oral hygiene regimen.

Aside from diseases and disorders, the health of your mouth affects more areas of your life than you might imagine. From altered senses of taste and smell to living with chronic tooth or jaw pain, you can spare yourself much trouble and discomfort by preventing problems before they happen.

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Dr. Cohen has been practicing dentistry in private and public settings for over 10 years, completing her DMD degree in 2010 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Committed to providing dental care of the highest level, Dr. Cohen relocated to Rochester in 2016 to pursue advanced dental trainings at the Dental Urgent Care Fellowship at The University of Rochester, Eastman Institute for Oral Health, graduating in 2017, and the AEGD Residency program in 2019. She recently completed an additional advanced General Practice Residency program at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany NY. This summer she moved back to Rochester with her husband Kevin, a native Rochesterian, to be closer to family. Throughout her career and personal life, Dr. Cohen has shown her genuine compassion and care to people and patients from all walks of life. She volunteered in underserved areas, practiced in clinics for patients with complex special needs, and treated medically compromised patients among others. She also taught and mentored other dentists and students helping them achieve their professional and personal goals. Most of all, Dr. Cohen’s warm personality and love of people create a welcoming, comfortable feeling for both patients and staff.