Why Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

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Why Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary? Root Canal in Webster, NY

A root canal treatment may initially seem intimidating, but it’s actually a common dental procedure that more than 15 million people need each year.1 It is a safe and comfortable treatment. Still, more importantly, if your dentist recommends a root canal, you likely cannot put off their recommendation for treatment for very long without experiencing pain and discomfort. Getting your root canal treatment in Webster addresses these critical areas.

A Root Canal Treatment Provides Relief

A root canal procedure is most often needed in cases of severe tooth decay or dental trauma. It is necessary when the pulp and nerve tissue inside your tooth becomes exposed. This lets bacteria from your mouth get inside the tooth, leading to infection and other complications.

However, there is also the immediate impact of the increased pain and sensitivity caused by your decayed or damaged tooth. In this state, you won’t be able to bite or chew properly without pain. You may also find yourself with a throbbing pain that won’t go away, even when you don’t put pressure on the tooth.

Your root canal treatment will provide relief from this pain and discomfort. Removing the pulp and nerve tissue makes it so the specific tooth can no longer feel pain, heat, or cold. That tissue isn’t required for healthy function in fully developed teeth, so removing the damaged part of the tooth will not impact its future function.

In most cases that require a root canal, your tooth is likely decayed or damaged enough to warrant a dental crown. Once the decayed parts of the tooth are removed, your dentist will cover the tooth with a dental crown which ensures the strength and durability of your tooth and lets you enjoy eating, speaking, and smiling without worrying about your teeth.

Your Tooth Is at Serious Risk of Infection If You Delay Root Canal Treatment

Avoiding a root canal when you need one puts you at serious risk of infection. Your mouth is naturally full of bacteria. While excess levels cause tooth decay and gum disease, a healthy amount of bacteria is perfectly normal. However, even normal levels pose a threat if the inner layers of your teeth are exposed.

The pulp and nerve tissue inside your teeth is highly susceptible to infection. Any contact with the bacteria in your mouth will likely lead to an infection in the long run, even if the hole or crack in the tooth is fixed.

The infection can lead to a tooth abscess, which is a pocket of pus around the tooth roots. This leads to swelling and inflammation — and eventually to severe tooth pain. The infection can also spread to other tissue, affecting your gums, teeth, and jawbone. If you ignore a tooth that needs a root canal, you can develop issues far worse than a single decayed or damaged tooth.

The Only Alternative to a Root Canal Is Tooth Extraction

In most cases where a root canal treatment is necessary, the only real alternative is tooth extraction. Damage or decay serious enough to put the inner layers of your tooth at risk will only become more serious over time if left untreated. Avoiding your root canal today means undergoing a tooth extraction down the road.

Saving your tooth with a root canal treatment is the better option for a variety of reasons. After tooth extraction, you’re at risk of developing orthodontic issues. Surrounding teeth can shift into the gap left behind, leading to bite issues and misalignment. You’ll need options such as a dental bridge or dental implants to replace the missing tooth and prevent that problem from developing.

These options are costlier than root canal treatment and less likely to be covered by insurance. They’re also less effective for your long-term oral health than saving the natural tooth. While these treatments can help, you’re better off getting the root canal treatment you need.

Root Canal Treatment in Webster

If you are dealing with serious tooth decay or physical damage, a root canal treatment is likely necessary to ensure your oral health. Your procedure will reduce your risk of infection and let you bite and chew without pain from the affected tooth.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Tehila Cohen at Empire Dental Care to find out whether you may need root canal treatment in Webster. If you do need this treatment, rest assured we will do everything we can to ensure you experience your procedure in a gentle and relaxing environment. Reach out immediately if you’re experiencing serious tooth pain or an injury to your teeth. 585-671-1650



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