The Benefits of Choosing Family Dentistry in Webster

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Blog Posts

The Benefits of Choosing Family Dentistry in Webster

What’s keeping you from scheduling dental visits for you and your family? Are you turned off by the thought of having to juggle appointments at several different locations to treat both you and your kids? Perhaps you’re concerned about the cost of treating your entire family. By choosing family dentistry in Webster at Empire Dental Care you can address many of these concerns.

Good oral hygiene can do more than keep your mouth healthy. By following a daily regimen that includes brushing and flossing – along with eating a healthy diet – you’re helping to keep the rest of your body healthy as well. Of course, you also need to visit a dentist twice a year for professional cleanings and to prevent or treat possible tooth decay and gum issues.

What is a Family Dental Practice?

Family dental practices provide dentistry for all ages. Family dentistry practices can care for every kind of tooth and gum concern. Whether you have a family or are thinking about starting a family, building a relationship with a family dentist is beneficial as they can treat young kids as well as the older generation!

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Family Dentist?

Schedule All Appointments on One Day at One Location

You have a busy schedule. Why make your life more difficult by having to drive to different locations – on different days – to take care of your family’s dental needs? Eliminate some stress by streamlining the appointment process. You can find relief when you can check “dental visit” off your to-do list for the entire family.

It’s an Easier Way to Keep Track of Your Family’s Dental History

When you’re under the care of one dentist or one dental practice, it’s easier to keep track of every procedure you and your family have had. With that information stored in one location, it’s much easier for the staff to understand current issues since they’ll access past records. And because all of the billing takes place in one office, setting up financing (if needed) will be less complicated.

It’s Easier to Establish Personal Relationships with the Dentist and Hygienists

Admit it. One of the reasons you put off going to the dentist is fear – either you or somebody else in your family is afraid.

But when you choose a family dentistry in Webster, who is known for gentle care and making patients feel comfortable, you’ll soon learn that going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a dreaded task to avoid. That goes for your children as well. If they become familiar with the staff at a young age – and don’t have to be introduced to other dentists as they grow – they’ll be less afraid.

You’ll Be Able To Set a Healthy Example for Your Kids

When your kids see you taking care of your teeth (both at home and the dentist’s office), they’ll be more likely to understand why it’s important and to see the value of keeping their teeth and gums healthy. It’s always more effective to lead by example than to issue orders to your children.

Gentle Family Dentistry in Webster

Dr. Tehila Cohen is a highly skilled dentist with a compassionate and professional staff at Empire Dental Care in Webster, New York. Empire Dental Care provides general and cosmetic dentistry, and our team can serve every member of your family. We’re known for our quality work and gentle techniques, and we’re conveniently located to serve families in the Rochester area. We also offer flexible scheduling and financing options. You’ll finally be able to relax when you visit the dentist! Contact our office today to schedule your appointments! 585.671.1650


Dr. Cohen has been practicing dentistry in private and public settings for over 10 years, completing her DMD degree in 2010 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Committed to providing dental care of the highest level, Dr. Cohen relocated to Rochester in 2016 to pursue advanced dental trainings at the Dental Urgent Care Fellowship at The University of Rochester, Eastman Institute for Oral Health, graduating in 2017, and the AEGD Residency program in 2019. She recently completed an additional advanced General Practice Residency program at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany NY. This summer she moved back to Rochester with her husband Kevin, a native Rochesterian, to be closer to family. Throughout her career and personal life, Dr. Cohen has shown her genuine compassion and care to people and patients from all walks of life. She volunteered in underserved areas, practiced in clinics for patients with complex special needs, and treated medically compromised patients among others. She also taught and mentored other dentists and students helping them achieve their professional and personal goals. Most of all, Dr. Cohen’s warm personality and love of people create a welcoming, comfortable feeling for both patients and staff.