Sinus Problems After a Root Canal Treatment? What Could It Mean?

by | Aug 20, 2023 | Blog Posts

Sinus Problems After a Root Canal Treatment? What Could It Mean?

Root canal treatments are safe and effective procedures. 97% of cases show long-term success without complications.1 However, just like with any other dental or medical treatment, there are potential risks, and one of those risks is sinus issues. Understanding how to identify sinus problems after a root canal and when to contact your dentist can help ensure the best health outcome.

Are Issues After Root Canal Treatment Common?

Most root canal treatments are successful and bring no notable complications. However, you can expect some mild symptoms during recovery that are routine and are only cause for concern if they worsen.

You should generally see most of your symptoms fade within a week after your root canal treatment. Some mild discomfort during the first few days is normal. You may experience tooth sensitivity but shouldn’t have any pain. Some swelling is also possible.

Mostly, these symptoms can be dealt with using an ice pack or over-the-counter pain medication. You can also help smooth your recovery by avoiding foods that require a lot of chewing so that you aren’t putting any unneeded strain on the affected area.

How Can I Tell If I Have Sinus Problems After a Root Canal?

You may also notice some symptoms associated with your sinuses during your recovery. Sinus problems after a root canal are common but are very mild in most cases. The sinuses are close to the upper teeth, so a root canal on a tooth in the upper row can lead to some irritation.

The procedure could result in a small hole being made in the sinus lining, called a sinus communication. Common signs of sinus problems after a root canal include:

  • Congestion
  • Sinus pressure
  • Runny nose

These symptoms are rarely cause for concern. A minor sinus communication will heal itself within the first few days of your recovery without any action being taken. However, persistent or severe symptoms could signify a more serious issue.

When Should I See My Dentist About Sinus Issues?

There’s no need to contact your dentist about mild symptoms over the first few days of recovery. However, a major sinus communication is something that you will have to visit your dentist about. You should see them when signs of severe sinus problems after a root canal become clear.

If your symptoms are worsening or haven’t been resolved about four days after your treatment, you should contact your dentist for a follow-up appointment. Some other indicators that the problem might be more severe include the following:

  • Pain around the area of the sinus or the treated tooth
  • A metallic taste
  • Signs of blood or pus in the nose

You can visit your dentist to find out whether these symptoms really do indicate a significant sinus communication. In such cases, the hole may not heal on its own. However, treatment for sinus communication is generally straightforward, requiring simple sutures to close the gap and allow for proper healing.

Personal Care Before, During, and After Your Treatment

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