Schedule Your Next Dental Exam in Webster

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Blog Posts

Schedule Your Next Dental Exam in Webster

The importance of preventive medicine is well known when it comes to regular doctor visits. The same is true for the health of your teeth and gums. Early detection of oral issues can ensure that they are resolved quickly and comfortably. Routine dental cleanings and examinations aid in preventing severe or costly dental problems. With gentle, compassionate care, Dr. Tehila Cohen is the top choice for your next dental exam in Webster.

Dental Health Affects Your Overall Health

The health of your gums and teeth is closely connected to your overall health. Without routine dental cleanings or exams, microscopic bacteria in the mouth can harm organs in the body. Your heart, brain, and lungs can suffer due to inconsistent dental care. [1] Maintaining optimal oral hygiene at home in addition to regular visits to our qualified team can aid in preventing disease.

Early Detection of Dental Issues

Consistent dental care will allow Dr. Cohen to monitor the health of your entire mouth, including teeth and gums. Should anything arise, our team can address it, as needed. Early detection allows Dr. Cohen and her qualified staff to address minor problems before they have the opportunity to escalate into something more severe. Dental radiographs are a fast, non-invasive way to view the jaw and tooth roots. These digital x-rays will confirm that the foundation of your teeth is healthy. Oral cancer screening is also part of the exam. If Dr. Cohen discovers anything of concern, she can refer you to a specialist for further care.

How Often Should I Have a Dental Exam in Webster?

Depending on the individual, we recommend routine exams and cleanings every 3 to 6 months. Dr. Cohen can give a recommendation on the frequency at your next dental exam. Our compassionate staff is happy to pre-book these appointments to ensure that you don’t miss a visit.

How to Prepare for a Dental Cleaning

You may wonder if there are particular measures to take before a dental cleaning. Although a routine dental cleaning does not require anything special, there are a few precautions you can take to prepare:

Maintain your tooth brushing/flossing regime.

We understand that you may want your mouth to be in top condition when you visit us but avoid over-brushing before a dental exam. Disrupting the gums by brushing too vigorously can make it difficult to identify problem areas.

Don’t fast.

Although our gentle dental exams generally last 45 to 60 minutes, eating a small meal about 1 hour before your exam will ensure that you don’t become lightheaded due to hunger.


Our team recognizes that visiting a dental office may be a source of anxiety for some individuals. Rest assured that our dental cleanings are a gentle, routine process. Dr. Cohen and her staff are committed to making your experience as comfortable as possible.

The Best Dental Exam in Webster at Empire Dental Care

Your health is of the highest importance to us. Dr. Cohen and the Empire Dental Care staff are working diligently to follow all health and safety protocols. We stay up to date with recommended COVID-19 safety guidelines and implement best practice precautions throughout our office. If you feel ill, we ask that you please stay home. Our staff will reschedule your appointment for a later date.

Regardless of when your last dental exam was, our team is happy to get you back on track. Should you have any questions regarding the routine dental process, our knowledgeable staff can ease your mind. Contact us today to schedule your next visit. Call us at 585.671.1650.





Dr. Cohen has been practicing dentistry in private and public settings for over 10 years, completing her DMD degree in 2010 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Committed to providing dental care of the highest level, Dr. Cohen relocated to Rochester in 2016 to pursue advanced dental trainings at the Dental Urgent Care Fellowship at The University of Rochester, Eastman Institute for Oral Health, graduating in 2017, and the AEGD Residency program in 2019. She recently completed an additional advanced General Practice Residency program at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany NY. This summer she moved back to Rochester with her husband Kevin, a native Rochesterian, to be closer to family. Throughout her career and personal life, Dr. Cohen has shown her genuine compassion and care to people and patients from all walks of life. She volunteered in underserved areas, practiced in clinics for patients with complex special needs, and treated medically compromised patients among others. She also taught and mentored other dentists and students helping them achieve their professional and personal goals. Most of all, Dr. Cohen’s warm personality and love of people create a welcoming, comfortable feeling for both patients and staff.