Maintaining Oral Health With Dentures in Webster: A Guide to Oral Hygiene

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Maintaining Oral Health With Dentures in Webster: A Comprehensive Guide to Oral Hygiene

Around the world, nearly one in five people rely on some form of dentures.[1] Dentures can improve your quality of life if you need to replace missing teeth, letting you eat better and smile without anxiety. To maintain your oral and overall health, however, you need to take measures focusing on oral hygiene. Learn more about this if you are getting dentures in Webster.

Keeping Dental Dentures Clean

You must take steps to keep your dentures clean. No matter the types of dentures you turn to for help with missing teeth, there are cleaning products and techniques you can trust. Overall, remember to remove and rinse the dentures after every meal. If your dentures are not removable, brush your teeth every time you eat.

It would be best to brush your dentures daily using a soft-bristled brush and non-abrasive cleaner formulated for dentures. Make sure to store your dentures properly overnight, and you must use suitable liquids when doing so. Not only does this keep them clean, but it also helps them keep their shape. Before putting them back on in the morning, rinse the dentures to remove cleaner residue.

By keeping your dentures clean, you can help extend their lifespan. It also enables you to prevent gum diseases and other issues.

Take Care of Your Gums and Natural Teeth

Wearing dentures day in and day out can cause discomfort for your gums if you don’t take steps to care for them. Remember always to clean your gums when you remove your dentures. To do this, use a soft-bristled brush, washcloth, or gauze.

If you have partial dentures, don’t forget that brushing and flossing your natural teeth twice daily is crucial to maintaining good oral health. Fluoride toothpaste can help prevent tooth decay while offering teeth whitening benefits for your natural teeth.

Give Your Gums a Break

Even if your dentures boast an optimal fit, they can still rub against your gums if you wear them continuously. Giving your gums a six- to eight-hour break from the dentures each day would be best. For most people, it’s enough to remove the dentures at night while you sleep. Not offering your gums this break could lead to irritation and even mouth sores.

Drink Lots of Water

Wearing dentures can cause dry mouth issues. If your mouth is dry, it can’t make the saliva you need to keep your oral tissues and teeth healthy. Saliva helps remove the bacteria that could lead to tooth decay and other oral issues. Saliva helps neutralize acids in your mouth that can cause tooth damage, and it also keeps your mucus membrane moist and healthy. Dry mouth usually causes kaltose  (bad breath) a fact that can affect your confidence in social settings.

Don’t Use Tobacco Products While Wearing Dentures in Webster

Tobacco of any kind, even smokeless tobacco products, can irritate the gums, leading to swelling. It can also increase your risk of developing oral cancers that put your life at risk. Whether you wear dentures or not, you should avoid tobacco products to maintain your oral health.

Avoid Certain Foods

If you have dentures, there are certain foods you should avoid. Keep in mind that chewing more than necessary can put a significant strain on your gums, leading to irritation and sores. It’s always helpful to stay away from:

  • Tough meats
  • Carrot sticks
  • Popcorn
  • Nuts
  • Corn on the cob
  • Chewing gum
  • Sticky Candies

Avoiding these foods can also help preserve the dentures’ shape. It can be easy for very sticky or chewy foods to break or warp denture parts.

Visit Your Dental Expert Regularly

Having an oral appliance like dentures requires that you get regular check-ups with your dentist. They’ll be able to notice if there’s something that’s not working as it should and can spot the beginning stages of sores or other signs of irritation. You can tell your dentist how you feel and whether the dentures are comfortable.

Turn to Empire Dental Care for Dentures in Webster

Most people don’t realize the impact that oral health can have on your overall health. For example, the bacteria that leads to gum disease can also impact your heart, potentially causing inflammation and heart disease.[2] Addressing oral health when wearing dentures is essential to keep your entire body functioning as needed.

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