How Gentle Dentistry in Webster Benefits Pediatric Patients

by | Jun 28, 2024 | Blog Posts

How Gentle Dentistry in Webster Benefits Pediatric Patients

Dental anxiety affects approximately one-third of young children around the world.[1] It’s an issue that can lead to delays in getting treatment for oral health issues and can even linger into adulthood, making people more likely to avoid dental appointments. To help children have better experiences at the dentist’s office, turn to gentle dentistry in Webster.

What Is Gentle Dentistry in Webster, NY?

Gentle dentistry refers to practices that involve putting patients at ease from the moment they step foot in a dental office. It’s essential with pediatric patients since the experiences people have as children affect their future engagement with dental care.

This type of dentistry relies on various tools to put patients at ease, as well as sedation options and behavior management techniques that can make procedures more accessible for everyone.

Specialized Approaches and Tools in Gentle Dentistry

When you turn to a dentist specializing in pediatric gentle dentistry, they can provide unique services by making subtle changes to how they offer care.

Personalized Greetings and Comfortable Environment

A dental office that practices gentle dentistry will welcome your child from the moment they walk in. They’ll be greeted by name and made comfortable while waiting for their appointment. Assistants will answer any questions you or your child may have, doing everything possible to make them feel at ease.

Waiting for an appointment can be stressful and anxiety-inducing, so having distractions available for children is also essential.

Focusing on Better Dental Tools

Seeing large and sharp instruments heading toward their mouths can make children of all ages fearful, so using smaller, less frightening tools can help. Gentle dentistry also includes digital X-rays for diagnostic purposes because they are less scary and invasive.

Open, Age-Appropriate Communications

One of the reasons many children fear dental procedures is because they don’t know what to expect. A gentle dentist can relieve anxiety by offering age-appropriate communication on what the various procedures will involve. It will help children understand what to expect and encourage them to communicate their worries or distress.

Gentle dentists can also provide the correct information for maintaining good oral health. This is essential for baby teeth, but it can also make a lasting impact that encourages paying attention to dental care throughout your child’s life.

When dentists offer age-appropriate information on tooth decay, the importance of fluoride toothpaste for tooth enamel, and more, your child receives valuable information they can rely on as they grow.

Sedation Options

If your child needs to have a dental procedure and their stress and anxiety levels make it seem impossible, gentle dentistry offers sedation options. These can include the use of “laughing gas,” which is mild and wears off quickly, as well as oral sedation and more. The right choice can depend on your child’s age and other factors.

Behavior Management Techniques

A gentle dentist will also employ behavior management techniques to help leave a pleasant memory of the experience. They can turn to positive reinforcement, which rewards a child for cooperation and appropriate behavior during a dental visit. It can leave your child with a more positive view of dental visits and offer them a boost of self-confidence.

Voice control is another crucial tool a gentle dentist relies on, especially with very anxious children. By using a soothing and calm tone of voice throughout every visit, a dentist can help your child feel safe.

Turn to Empire Dental Care for Gentle Dentistry in Webster

Dental visits can be stressful for everyone, but children tend to suffer the most from dental anxiety. This anxiety can affect them for the rest of their lives. If there are bad experiences as a child, teeth issues will continue, so turning to gentle dentistry is essential.

At Empire Dental Care in Webster, NY, we offer gentle dentistry techniques to ensure your child feels safe and comfortable when they stop by our offices. Learn more about our services by calling 585-671-1650.





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